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INCE Won Multiple Chinese Venture Prizes for 2020

On the 2020 comprehensive equity investment lists recently published by Chinese Venture, INCE Capital won one institutional prize, one investor prize, and prizes for two portfolio companies:

China's Most Potential Investment Firm for 2020

INCE Capital

China’s Top 30 Equity Investment Innovators for 2020

JP Gan

Top 30 Companies with the Best Investment Value in the New Economy


MiaoShou Doctor (YuanXin Tech)

For years, Chinese Venture Research has been conducting impartial researches from a media perspective to issue objective and fair comprehensive rankings of investment firms and portfolio companies. Its researches have covered the top 1,000+ active investment firms and 2,000+ portfolio companies in China. The rankings of domestic investors, investment firms and portfolio companies for a given year are based on seven core indicators: comprehensive strength, fundraising capability, investment ability, post-investment management ability, exit performance, integrity, and media perspective.