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Baby Food Brand Qiutianmanman Receives Series B Financing Led by INCE

Qiutianmanman, a brand focuses on nutritious food for babies and children, has completed Series B financing of over 10 million US dollars that is led by INCE Capital. After the completion of this round of financing, the brand will continue to invest heavily in product R&D, optimize the supply chain, enhance brand power, recruit professional teams and empower offline channels.

Stella Zhou, founding partner of INCE Capital, said, “Responding to the needs of domestic users, Qiutianmanman has broken into the market of main food and complementary food with blockbuster products and invented a large number of products, including the unique and popular product germ rice. The founding team boasts extensive experience and values taking practical actions, and it has set up a solid supply chain. The concept of scientific parenting is gaining popularity, and the market of complementary food and the market of food for babies and children hold huge growth potential. We are optimistic that Qiutianmanman will occupy a leading position in this sector, thus helping more families conduct scientific feeding.”

Qiutianmanman, a professional brand engaged in developing nutritious food for babies and children, sets a “daily dietary nutrition clock” for babies and children, and assists parents to establish a new concept of nutritious meals for their offspring. The brand offers nutritious products designed for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as nutritional supplements for the morning and afternoon, in a bid to guarantee babies and children aged 3-12 can have a reasonable intake of nutrition 24 hours a day to ensure their healthy growth every day.

Yi Qinlang, founder of Qiutianmanman, believes that product is the core of the brand. Qiutianmanman aims to build itself into a professional brand engaged in developing nutritious food for babies and children. It offers a wide range of Chinese natural complementary food, Chinese nutritious meals and Chinese nutritional supplements, and introduces frequently repurchased products such as hot-selling porridge, rice, noodles, pastries and condiments. The brand makes in-depth research on the nutritional needs, physiological development and psychological changes of babies and children in various stages, realizes the need to match multiple foods to satisfy the normal nutritional intake of babies and children of different ages, and strives to improve its product system. By doing so, the brand is now capable of providing complementary food for infants above four months and products for children aged 3-12 years. Qiutianmanman is favoured by a lot of mothers in China.  

Qiutianmanman is dedicated to developing main and complementary foods that are more in line with the dietary habits of Chinese babies. The brand, focusing on diverse dining scenarios, will do its best to discover user needs, adhere to the concept of making “safer, more scientific, more nutritious and tastier” products, and launch new nutritiously balanced food with simple, pure and natural ingredients.

In 2020, the size of the market of complementary food and snacks in China has reached 40 billion yuan, and Western-style complementary food and snacks occupy a lion’s share in the market. However, there are few main and complementary foods suitable for Chinese infants’ dietary habits in that rapidly expanding market, and the penetration rate of Chinese-style complementary food and snacks is far lower than that of Western-style complementary food and snacks. The brand’s baby “experience officers” will grow and they will transition from the stage of eating complementary food to the stage of having main food. Qiutianmanman will raise its brand value as a provider of nutritiously balanced food for babies and children, and keep exploring more blank categories of food for babies and children to seize great development opportunities.

Looking ahead, Qiutianmanman will continue to utilize the team of nutrition experts to extend its product line from “baby’s first meal” to “assorted food for babies and children”. It will concentrate on building itself into a professional brand engaged in developing nutritious food for babies and children, launch products more appropriate for Chinese babies’ physique and dietary habits, and lead the more scientific “China for China” feeding concept.